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Egill Bjarnason

By August 23, 2021September 5th, 2021Participants

Egill Bjarnason is an Icelandic journalist and the author of How Iceland Changed the World: The Big History of a Small Island, published by Penguin Books in 2021. He reports on Iceland for the Associated Press and frequently writes for The New York Times, Lonely Planet and Hakai Magazine. Prior to covering his native Iceland for the international news media, he reported on the rest of the world for Icelandic readers, publishing features and photographs from Afghanistan, Uganda, and West Africa. As a Fulbright Foreign Student grantee, he earned a master’s degree in social documentation at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and currently lectures at the University of Iceland. 

Egill Bjarnason takes part in two panels: Environment and Conscience and Icelanders’ Self-image in Literature and a Different Perspective.