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Environment and Conscience

By September 5, 2021Program, Uncategorized

Friday September 10



The climate threat looms large and is intertwined with man’s conscience. Catastrophic man-made warming calls for a swift and strong response. How can you write about the impending threat that all the inhabitants of the earth have to face? Here the environment and our conscience will be discussed. Patrik Svensson is a Swedish journalist and author of the book The Gospel of the Eels, but like many other species, the eel is threatened by changes in the marine environment. Egill Bjarnason is a journalist and author and has covered Iceland in the media around the world. Recently, he published the book How Iceland Changed the World: The Big History of a Small Island. Earlier this year, Sverrir Norland published the book War and Noise, where technology, creativity and climate change are discussed. Moderated by Þorvaldur Sigurbjörn Helgason.