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Monika Fagerholm

Monika Fagerholm is one of the strongest Finnish-Swedish writers of our time. She is an award-winning author and a pioneer in the world of Nordic literature. Fagerholm is one of the leading voices in the modern Nordic literary community, having first stepped into the spotlight with the collection of short stories Sham (1987). After the publication of Sham, Fagerholm turned to novels, and her latest book Vem dödade bambi? is her seventh one. For Vem dödade bambi? Fagerholm was awarded the Nordic Council Literature Prize 2020. Monika Fagerholm was previously a guest of the Reykjavík International Literary Festival in 2000.

Monika Fagerholm takes part in a discussion on darkness: Heart of Darkness with Gerður Kristný and Helene Flood.