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9. September, 2021

Thursday September 9


The Nordic House

Here, the meaning of the term home will be discussed. The subject is becoming more and more complex, as never in history have more people been away from their home.  Or are they? What does it mean to be at home? Is home a specific place? And what happens when the place you call your home changes, and becomes completely different from what you have known? 

Mao Alheimsdóttir is of Polish origin but lives and works in Iceland, here she has chosen her home. She received a new voices grant for her book Weather Reports and Funerals, soon to be published. Khaled Khalifa lives and works in Syria. He has decided to stay in his home in Damascus, despite the fact that the city and the whole country are far from being the home where he grew up. Moderator: Gauti Kristmannsson.