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Bergþóra Snæbjörnsdóttir

By August 23, 2021September 5th, 2021Participants

Bergþóra Snæbjörnsdóttir broke through with the widely acclaimed novel Svínshöfuð in 2019 and won the Fjöru Award in the category of fiction. Svínshöfuð is a generational story with a broad scope, whether in time, space or subject matter. Bergþóra manages to write convincingly about life and pain in the tiny Icelandic island Elliðaey as well as in China, noth in this century and the last. Bergþóra had previously attracted attention for her book of poetry, Flórída. In addition to writing, she has worked on screenplays, documentary filmmaking, book publishing and project management in the field of art and culture, as well as being part of the Wunderkind Collective duo.

Bergþóra appears in the Poetry Program and takes part in discussion on the subject of Tales from the Border.