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Off-Venue: Moon Night N°XII

By September 5, 2021Program, Uncategorized

Wednesday September 8


Radisson Blu Saga Hotel, 8th floor

The moon is and will be the advocate of the night, the smallest among us and the dim light. The Tungl publishing house therefore welcomes the fact that the day is getting shorter and the night lengthening with the publication of two new original Moon Books. They come in 69 copies each. At Tunglkvöld (Moon nights), the books are read aloud, music is performed, performances are put on. The two books are for sale for the duration of the program, but what is unsold at midnight is set on fire and burned, in accordance with tradition, as Tungl Books only live for a moment.

The books will be published on Moon Night N ° XII:

  • Pulsur náttúrunnar by Pál Ivan frá Eiðum
  • Gluggar – Draumskrá by Ásta Fanney Sigurðardóttir