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The Boundaries of Fiction and Reality

By September 5, 2021Program

Thursday September 9


The Nordic House

Where is the line between fiction and reality? What is the author’s position towards the blurred boundaries of imagination and truth, fantasy and facts? The novel Will and Testament is probably Vigdis Hjorth’s best known work and has been translated into many languages. The books’ protagonist is a woman in dispute with her family, and takes on the violence of her childhood. The book is widely regarded to be autobiographical at least in parts, although the extent of this is unclear. 

Saša Stanišić attracted a lot of attention for his novel approach, original use of language and lively storytelling. Among other things, he has written about his own experience in his novels, the experience of a young boy from the Bosnian war who seeks refuge in stories and narratives. Fríða Ísberg moderates the discussions.