Timur Vermes, agent provocateur

Timur Vermes is the author of Look Who’s Back (2012), one of the most controversial novels of the decade. It imagines Adolf Hitler awakening in Berlin in 2011 and making a successful career as a satirical Hitler impersonator. A bitter satire of contemporary society and a comedy that makes readers laugh and feel uncomfortable at the same time, this novel has divided readers and critics across the world.


Timur Vermes

Since its publication, Look Who’s Back has topped bestseller charts, with more than a million copies sold in Germany, and has been translated into 27 languages, inspiring heated debates on history, democracy, and the nature of media and literature in our times. The book will be published in Icelandic this year, under the title Aftur á kreik, translated by Bjarni Jónsson.

Vermes was born in 1967 in Nuremberg, to a German mother and a Hungarian father, who fled Hungary after the suppression of the 1956 revolution. He previously worked as a journalist and ghostwriter.

The film adaptation of Look Who’s Back will premiere in Germany in October.

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