yury-zavadansky• Tell us a little bit about your company and your work there!

Krok is a publishing house and it’s also starting as an agency to promote Ukrainian and Belarusian authors abroad and to bring the best world literature into Ukraine and Belarus. I’m the founder of Krok and currently work there as it’s director. Krok works on numerous translating projects. Authors from Sweden, Poland, New Zealand, Finland, Lithuania, Belarus, Austria, Canada, Australia, and surely from Iceland.

• Have you ever published Icelandic authors? If yes, who were they and how were they recieved in your country?

We have two poetry books already: Emil Hjörvar Petersen’sRefur” in Ukrainian and Aðalsteinn Ásberg Sigurðsson’s selected poems in Belarusian. Emil participated in the International Lviv Literature Festival, and Aðalsteinn visited Belarus to take part in Straltsov Literature Festival, both in 2014. Readers are expecting to see special literature to be published by Krok. Looks like these were the first times that Icelandic authors were published inndividually in Ukraine, not in anthologies.

• Have you been to Iceland before? What do you expect from your visit this year to the Literary Festival?

I’ve never been to Iceland! I’d like to meet good and friendly people there, and hope to find partners to work more and better in book publishing. It is well known that the publishing of fiction and poetry is not just business, it’s also a continuous communication between authors, publishers and readers. That’s why publishers have to take part in such festivals as the one in Reykjavík.

• How do you see the situation of translated literature in your country?

There were a lot of books translated into Ukrainian during the history of Ukraine. Some of them were ideologically corrected during ‘soviet’ times. Some writers were prohibited. So we have plenty of work to do. We’re working to bring contemporary literature to Ukrainians, and these books were received well by readers.

• Do you have any favourite Icelandic author?

I’m not so good in Icelandic literature and language, to talk about a favourite writer. But I’m sure that we’ll have a chance to bring our nations closer one to each other, so we will work on that!