Pierre Lemaître, award-winning crime novelist

Pierre Lemaître is a widely acclaimed French author and hugely popular thriller writer. In 2013 he received the most prestigious French literary prize, the Goncourt, for his novel Au Revoir Là­haut, and the International Dagger award from the British Crime Writers’ Association for his thriller Alex.

Pierre Lemaitre ©Thierry Rajic / Figure

Pierre Lemaître (photo by Thierry Rajic / Figure)

Alex was recently translated into Icelandic, and has been a bestseller in Iceland since its release. This story, not for the weak of heart, leaves the reader questioning their moral sense.

Lemaître’s translator, Friðrik Rafnsson, discussed Lemaître’s writing and the translation process in an interview for DV:

“Translating Alex was a lot of fun but also a big challenge, since Lemaître is a very well-read writer who pays homage to various authors in his book, like Proust or Pasternak, or the master director Alfred Hitchcock. I think Alex is a brilliantly ­written thriller which tries the reader’s sense of justice. It is not at all a book for sensitive souls. Pierre Lemaître is a very knowledgeable author who knows exactly what he’s doing. It’s then the translator’s task to take into account all of the above and deliver the story in Icelandic. I hope I succeeded in doing so.”

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