Óskar Árni Óskarsson, poet, writer and translator

Ljósmynd: Kristinn Ingvarsson

Óskar Árni Óskarsson (photo by Kristinn Ingvarsson)

Óskar Árni Óskarsson was born in 1950. His first book of poetry, A Towel on the Windowsill, was published in 1986 and he has since written many more collections.

Óskar Árni was editor and the publisher of the Icelandic literary magazine Ský from 1990-1994. He has also translated a number of foreign works, including three books of Japanese Haiku. In 2010 he was nominated for the Icelandic Translators Prize for his translation of Carson McCullers’ The Ballad of the Sad Café. He also translated Raymond Carver’s What we Talk About When we Talk About Love and Elephant. Skuggamyndir-úr-ferðalagi-kilja

kudungasafnid-200Óskar Árni is one of the most interesting modern Icelandic authors of short prose. His two ultra-short stories, Lakkrísgerðin (2001) and Truflanir í vetrarbrautinni (2004) were published by Bjartur. In 2008, his poetry collection Skuggamyndir úr ferðalagi, based on autobiographical memories, was published to great reviews and was nominated for the Icelandic Literary Prize. It was also published in Germany.

Óskar Árni’s latest works are two books of poetry, Þrár hendur (2010) and Kuðungasafnið (2012).

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