Nanna Rögnvaldardóttir, recipe extraordinaire


Nanna Rögnvaldardóttir

Nanna Rögnvaldardóttir, born in 1957, is a translator and a prolific author and collector of recipe books.

Her interests lie with food, the history of food and recipes. She has collected recipe books from a young age and has over 1700 in her collection from across the world. She has also authored her own recipe books, which include Matarást (1998) and Matreiðslubók Nönnu (2001). Matarást was nominated for the Icelandic Literary Prize.

Nanna’s cookbook Maturinn hennar Nönnu (2009) was nominated for the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards for the most original cookbook and the best-illustrated cookbook. She has also written books in English about Icelandic cookery, including Icelandic Food and Cookery (2002) and Does Anyone Actually Eat This? (2014). 887164_10152451112679810_6584085899340440370_o-1

doesNanna has written articles about food and cooking for several newspapers and magazines, and has spoken at conferences about her books.

This year, Nanna published two recipe books, Ömmumatur Nönnu and Sætmeti án sykurs og sætiefna.

Panel: Food in Literature, Literature on Food