Lena Andersson, a witty analyst of passion

Photo by Ulla Montan

Lena Andersson (photo by Ulla Montan)

Lena Andersson is a Swedish author and a columnist for Dagens Nyheter, Sweden’s largest morning paper. She has published ten books, including Wilful Disregard (2013), which won the August Prize and the Svenska Dagbladet Literature Prize. This book was translated into Icelandic in 2014, and into English earlier this year.

Wilful Disregard tells the story of Ester Nilsson, a ‘sensible’ woman in a ‘sensible’ long-term relationship, whose life is transformed when she is asked to give a lecture on the renowned artist Hugo Rask. Rask, who happens to be sitting in the audience, is spellbound by Nilsson’s talk, and they meet afterwards and develop an intrinsic bond. The chain of events that unravels will change Nilsson’s life forever. í leyfisleysi A

The book, which is full of wit and dark humor, explores the lengths we will go to for love, and sparked an animated debate about the figure of the male artist and his power and position in society. These discussions are still going on in Sweden, almost two years after the book was released.

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