Hassan Blasim, director, poet and writer

Hassan Blasim (photo by Katja Bohm)

Hassan Blasim (photo by Katja Bohm)

Hassan Blasim is a writer, poet and film director. Born in Iraq, Blasim moved to Finland in 2004 after the American invasion. Blasim is Associate Editor of the Arabic literary site Iraqstory.

Blasim writes in Arabic and has penned many well-known works. His short-story collection The Madman of Freedom Square (2010) gained strong acclaim, and his second collection, The Iraqi Christ (2013), was translated into English and won the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize.

His book The Corpse Exhibition, a collection of pieces on the Iraq war that blends realism, fantasy and poetry, was published last year and won several prizes including the PEN award for translated fiction. hassan-blasim-corpse-exhibitionThe Guardian described Blasim as “perhaps the best writer of Arabic fiction alive”.

Blasim’s best-known film, The Wounded Camera (2000) was shot in the Kurdish countryside.

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