Halldóra Kristín Thoroddsen, poet and writer

Halldora Kristín

Halldóra Kristín Thoroddsen

Halldóra Kristín Thoroddsen was born in 1950. So far she has published three books of poetry and two collections of short stories. Her first poetry volume, Stofuljóð (Living Room Poems) came out in 1990. She then published the poetry book Hárfínar athugasemdir (Clear-cut Observations) in 1998. In 2002 her book of microstories, 90 sýni úr minni mínu (90 Scenes from My Memory) was published. She introduced readers to this book with the following words:

03444“Our course of life mostly happens in our consciousness, it changes from day to day, and we are constantly struggling to keep pace with it, always looking out for anything that might be of help. But here I am not going to talk about this inner life, and I’ll rather concentrate on everyday events that I have lived through myself.”

The book 90 Scenes from My Memory raised much attention and pleased readers all over Iceland.

3989-4001-175x266Halldóra’s newest book of poetry is Gangandi vegfarandi (The Stroller) (2005). She says of the collection:

“This book is about us, from the point of view of the stroller who is on the way just like we are, concerned by his own business, so this is going to be a little bit twisted. He is standing right in the middle of the question mark…”

Halldóra’s short story Tvöfalt gler (Double Glass) was published in the third issue of the literary magazine 1005 in 2015. It is about a woman who looks at the world through double glass.

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