Women, Love and the Narrative in Literature

How do the narratives of women vary from the narratives of men in literature? Do we approach these narratives in different ways according to the gender of the author? Are love and relationships regarded as inherently female subjects, and if so, why? Young Danish author Stine Pilgaard’s award-winning first novel, According to my Mum (2012), is the story of a young woman in the midst of a breakup, navigating love, relationships and family tensions. Icelandic author Þórunn Erlu- og Valdimarsdóttir has written novels and autobiographical accounts that detail her youth and relationships. The two authors will reflect on the themes in their work and the significance of gender in the creation and reception of literary narratives.

Women, Love and the Narrative in Literature: Stine Pilgaard & Þórunn Erlu- og Valdimarsdóttir

Moderator: Þorgerður E. Sigurðardóttir