Merete Pryds Helle


Danish author Merete Pryds Helle is known for her short-stories and novels but has also written essays, plays, poetry and books for children. She has also for some years been developing literature for computer games, SMS and computer tablets.

Pryds Helle is born and raised in Copenhagen but lived for many years in Italy with her then husband, writer Morten Søndergaard. Together they wrote crime novels under the pseudonym Liv Mørk.

Pryds Helle published her first collection of short stories in 1990, while still studying literature and creative writing in Copenhagen, but her first success came with the novel Fiske i livets flod in 2000. Her most celebrated work is Folkets skønhed, published in 2016, where she narrates her mother’s coming of age in great poverty in Langeland in Denmark and her journey to Copenhagen suburbia. Although drawing heavily upon her mother’s story, Pryds Helle stresses the novel is still fiction.