Maja Lunde


Maja Lunde is one of Norway’s most successful authors on the international Literary stage. She is an educated media specialist with a master’s degree from the University of Oslo and works as an author and screenwriter. She has written ten children’s and young adult books, including “Battle”, “Across the Border” and the series “The Coolest Gang in the World”. Her 2018 children’s book “The Snow Sister” is one of the biggest literary successes in Norway in decades, and was instantly sold to publishing houses throughout the world

Biens historie(e. The History of Bees), published in 2015, was Lunde‘s first novel for adults. The book was very well received, winner of both the Norwegian Bookseller prize and the Fabel prize and has been translated to over 35 languages. Biens historieis book one of what has been called her Climate Quartet, four books where climate change is at the heart of the narrative. The second book of the series, Blå(e. Blue) was published in 2017 and was also very warmly received.