Hakan Gunday


The Turkish novelist Hakan Günday was born on the island of Rhodes, educated in Brussels and in Ankara and now lives mostly in Istambul. He studied political science but realized that what he was really interested in were the rules that govern human society. The answers were not in his textbooks but in fiction and so he stopped studying and started writing.

His first novel, Kinyas ve Kayra (e. Kinyas and Kayra) was published in 2000 and he has since written seven other novels, many of whom have been translated into various languages and been a critical success.

Az (e. The Few) was named the best Turkish novel of 2011 and Daha (e. More), published in 2013, won the Prix Medicis Etranger in 2015. More is considered to be one of the first novels to take on the humanitarian crisis of refugees in today's world and Günday’s descriptions are both harrowing and convincing. He has often been called underground writer of Turkey and his themes are indeed very dark – often centering on the vulnerable position of children in a world of cruelty, violence and hypocrisy.