David Foenkinos


The French novelist David Foenkinos studied literature and music in Paris before embarking on a carrier as a writer. His first novel, Inversion de l‘idiotie: de l‘influence de deux Polonais was published in 2001. He has since written numerous books and received many awards in his native country.

In 2009 his novel La délicatesse was a great hit, nominated for all of France´s most prestigious awards and sold more than one million copies. David and his brother, the film-maker Stephane, adapted the book into a film, directed by the two of them and starring the French movie star Audrey Tautou. The film premiered in 2011.

The brothers have collaborated on other films and David is the screenwriter of five more – including the adaptation of his novel Le mystére Henri Pick (the Mystery of Henri Pick) from 2016.