Danny Wattin, modern-day treasure hunter

Danny Wattin (photo by Ulrica Zwenger)

Danny Wattin (photo by Ulrica Zwenger)

Danny Wattin was born in 1973 in Sweden. He is a multi-talented writer who has penned screenplays, science-based articles and children’s books as well as novels. He has a distinguished style that is easy to recognize in all his works.

In 2005 he published a collection of interconnected stories titled Stockholm Tales, exploring the absurdities of contemporary life. It quickly became a bestseller in Sweden and was the most talked-about book of the year. After Stockholm Tales, Wattin published See You in the Desert, a novel about an office clerk experiencing mental decline. In 2009, he changed direction with Excuse me, but your soul just died, a dystopian novel based on the growing development and commercialization of reproductive technology.

Wattin’s latest book, Herr Isakowitz’s Treasure, will be available in Icelandidanny_0_hic from Forlagið in September. It is a narrative nonfiction account of a family’s journey into their grandfather’s past in a WWII concentration camp. A nostalgically comic story with serious undertones, this book has gained widespread attention from readers and critics.

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